Key Person

Key Person

Behind every innovative and visionary business owner, there’s a key person who challenges the business owner in a good way, forcing them to think outside the box. This key person to your business is also innovative and a visionary.

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Key persons in your business can single-handedly keep your company making money each year. What if this person dies unexpectedly? How would your business survive financially? If you haven’t ever given this scenario a thought before, but don’t want to go out of business as a result, you need Florida Key Persons Life Insurance.

Your Florida key persons life insurance is designed to provide a death benefit that can help cover the financial gap that is left after a key person in your business passes away. There’s no better way to tell your key person that you respect, and believe in them so much, that you are taking out life insurance on them. If they didn’t already know it, this is a great way to show them they are critical to your companies continued success.

In the event a key person were to pass away, the Florida key persons life insurance would kick in by providing funds which could help supplement lost income, and cover expenses until an adequate replacement can be found. These funds would be the death benefit payout, plus any cash value the account has earned over the years.

If you still are not 100% convinced Florida key persons life insurance can’t help your business; think again.

What if ABC Technology purchased a 20-year term life policy for $600,000 on their 31-year old top software developer? Under his software genius, the company has become a top three software company in the world. Because he’s in amazing physical fitness, the premium for this policy is only $295 per year. After five years, your developer dies in an auto accident. The technology world is turned upside down.

Now here’s how your Florida key persons life insurance will really pay dividends. The developer was 36 when he passed, and now is leaving behind a young wife and five children. Who’s going to take care of them? How will you keep your company’s reputation as the number three software company in the world? Who’s going to pay for the search to try and replace him in the company? Your Florida key persons life insurance will provide the funds necessary to make sure all these ends get tied up nicely.

You know the insurance you took out on your developer? It will now pay a $600,000 death benefit. You can use this money to give to the now widowed wife, and make sure all five children get a college education. You can use this money to pay a top staffing agency to find another developer with most of the same skills and thoughts. This will help your company stay close to the number three software company in the world.

You can use this money to pay the yearly salary of the new innovative software developer you hire. The company is now saved and on its way back to total continuity again. This would’ve all been made possible because you were the innovative and visionary business owner that took out Florida key persons life insurance.

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