Teen Driver Safety Program

VIP Teen Driver Safety Program

Parents: Having a new teen driver can be stressful and expensive! I can help you with both.

Welcome to my Teen Driver Safety Program built especially for parents of teen drivers. My name is Lori Augustyniak, and like you, I’m a parent of teen drivers. I share your concerns about safety, protection and the costs associated with having teen drivers as part of our household. As both a parent and an insurance agency owner, I need to be an expert on all issues impacting teen drivers.

By joining our Teen Driver Safety Program, I will share my knowledge with you to help you make the best decisions for your family. I expect you have all sorts of questions about your new teen driver:

  • Questions about how can you make your teen a safer driver
  • Questions about why insurance rates are so expensive for teens
  • Questions about whether you have sufficient coverage if your teen has an auto accident

Well, I’m here to help you get answers to those questions today!

First and foremost, your teen getting their driver’s license is a very exciting time in their lives; yours too. Taking the time to educate yourself about the issues, you can help make this a wonderful and memorable experience your family.

Join Our VIP Teen Driver Safety Program for FREE Today!

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Horizon Insurance Teen Driver Program

  • Free 16 Step Safe Teen Driver Home Study Course (Valued at $59)
  • 21 Point Protection Review
  • 101 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers
  • Teenager/ Parent Driving Contract
  • Careless Driving Consequences
  • And More!

Upon joining, you’ll receive a subscription to my Monthly Driver’s Seat e-newsletter, access to my FREE 16 Step Online Safe Teen Driver’s Course, and numerous Teen Driver Safety resources you can download to learn more about this topic.

Because Driver’s Education classes don’t provide enough hands on driving experience, you need my 16 Step Online Safe Teen Driver’s Course. This course is designed to help you teach your teen how to drive. The course includes an all-inclusive lesson plan, and practice exercises so your teen is prepared to safely navigate through the various circumstances and conditions all drivers must face.

My agency has two locations here in Florida, one in Bradenton and one in Port Charlotte. I’ve built my reputation by helping families like yours protect themselves. I hope you will take the time to thoroughly review my site, as well as all the helpful material I’m providing to you. Discover why we are a great solution for families with teen drivers!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our agency and how we can help you during these exciting times for your family!

Please feel free to call my office at 941-755-9500 if you have any questions or would like us to provide a quote for your teen driver.

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